Laurel Glen Farm is owned and operated by Randy and Victoria Rogowski but thrives on the endless hard work of family members, past and present.

Randy Rogowski

Growing up next to the farm, Randy learned to bale hay, drive a tractor, and tend a garden at a young age. He is proud to be carrying on the family legacy by making full use of the farm’s remaining land. Although he remembers everything his elder relatives taught him, Randy has developed his own knowledge about modern farming techniques such as pest control, extended growing seasons, and farm equipment. He is excited to be producing food sustainably and efficiently for the local community.

Victoria Rogowski

Victoria’s heart and soul is in educating and connecting with community members. She writes the weekly CSA newsletter with farm updates and seasonal recipes. You can find her at the local market or connect with her by email. She also prides herself on being the florist of the farm, arranging gorgeous seasonal bouquets for sale. She doesn’t mind the “grit” that comes from working in the fields either. When she’s not at the farm, Victoria is an elementary school teacher.

Joe Mastrony

Joe is Randy’s right-hand man and truly does it all! He is knowledgeable about all aspects of Laurel Glen Farm’s growing and harvesting practices, from planting to pest control, to harvesting. Joe is the embodiment of “a little dirt and hard work never hurt anyone.”

One of Laurel Glen Farm’s greatest points of pride is the fact that farming runs in the family, and not just on the Rogowski side! Members from Randy’s maternal and paternal sides of the family can be found at the farm on any given day. They contribute wherever and whenever there’s a need: in the stand, at the local market, distributing CSA shares, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, building, and scrambling to cover crops the night before a frost.